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Brad Ball

Saku Sai Moon Found in Bangkok, Thailand

Searching for my favorite Thai appetizer – SAKU SAI MOON in Bangkok, Thailand. This stuff is delicious, but surprisingly hard to find throughout the world. It’s a uniquely Thai dish with a distinctivly delicious Thai flavor. 

Crazy Rich Asians Food Market in Singapore

Ever seen the movie Crazy Rich Asians? There’s a scene in the movie where they’re at a market eating all sorts of awesome food. I found the Hawker market in Singapore where they filmed the scene… here’s the video:

Eating Kangeroo in Australia

I taste Kangaroo and some other exotic Australian meats while on a visit to Perth, Australia. Just what is it like Eating Kangeroo in Australia… watch to find out. Visit Link:

Jerusalem in 5 Minutes

A quick video around Old City Jerusalem – in 5 minutes on the city walls with a time lapse. Video Link:

Where in Jerusalem was Jesus Crucified?

During a business visit to Israel, I take some time out to visit the Holy City of Jerusalem. I quickly learn there is an open debate as to Where at in Jerusalem was Jesus Crucified. Catholics, Protestants, and others have…

Rickshaw Ride in Dhaka, Bangladesh

While visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh in business I take a chance riding a rickshaw. There are more rickshaw’s in Dhaka than any city in the world. It was a fun adventure. Next time you’re in Dhaka, consider an awesome rickshaw ride,…

Getting a Haircut in Bangladesh

On a visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh I browse the streets in search of a barbershop / salon to find the perfect haircut. Getting a Haircut in Bangladesh is quite the process, and I encounter a few surprises.

Top of Taipei 101

A few years ago it was the tallest building in the world… now it’s just the tallest building in Taiwan – but the Taipei 101 is impressive and on the list of my favorite skyscrapers in the world. See why…

Top of the N Seoul Tower

A ride to the top of the N Seoul Tower in central Seoul, South Korea. The N Seoul Tower offers some of the most beautiful views of the city in all directions. I travel to the top and take in…

Machu Picchu Trekking – 7 Things to Know Before You Go

Just wrapped up a fantastic trip trekking in Peru and visiting Machu Picchu. I had a truly amazing experience with some family and newfound friends… before leaving I did a bit of research and I felt prepared before my departure. …

Product Review: Bluffworks Blazer

LOOKING GOOD AND TRAVELING COMFORTABLY… not always an easy thing to accomplish.  It’s one thing to travel in a suit for two-hour flight… it’s quite another to be dressed in business attire for a 9+ hours as you cross the…

Why Belgium Should Be On Your Bucket List

I could sum this blog post up in one quick sentence… Any place that’s known for Waffles, Chocolate, Diamonds, and Beer, is probably a place you want to visit. So here’s the rub on Belgium…