Theory 84… The Sign of the Apocalypse

So I’m a week late on this one… but I just had to blog it. If you ever read Sports Illustrated… they’ve got an interesting little feature every week called SIGN OF THE APOCOLYPSE… which usually features some bizarre fact or possibly a crazy quote from an athlete or coach. I look forward to reading the sign of the apocalypse every single week.

Well… you want to know the ULTIMATE sign of the apocalypse? How about last week’s concert in Orem, Utah featuring MC HAMMER and VANILLA ICE. That’s right…. MC HAMMER AND VANILLA ICE on stage together… for one night only… in Orem, Utah. Why Orem? Why one night only? Why in 2009? Why did people show up? Is Utah Valley the only place in the world that can appreciate baggy pants and a David Bowie/Queen knock-off riff? The whole thing was just way weird for me. Maybe next week’s sign of the apocalypse will be Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez doing Wrestlemania for one night only in Cooperstown, New York.