Theory 82… The Economic Shelter Theory

What makes a bad recession even worse? My theory… how about all the lame advertisements flooding the air on TV and radio right now! Seriously… It’s bad enough that there’s a recession going on…. the layoffs, the housing mess, the dismal stock market… the news lately seems downright sour. But I’ll tell you what really cheeses me off…. and makes me laugh at the same time… is all of the advertisements trying to play of peoples fears… or trying to spin off some economic jargon into a promotional tagline (aka… Bailout Special).

The worst one I’ve seen so far is from SIZZLER…. they had an advertisement airing over the holidays that proudly proclaimed… “YOUR ECONOMIC SHELTER IS HERE”… are you kidding me! What does Sizzler steak house have to do with my economic shelter? Please you Sizzler fans… help me understand this… What is the connection I’m supposed to make here… and what do long lines, cheap steak, a mediocre sundae bar, and crushed croutons on green carpet have to do with my family’s financial well being?