Theory 78… Men Can’t Wrap Gifts

Gotta love Christmas… the songs, the family, the food, the special feeling… but the holiday has it’s downside. Gift wrapping for me has been a nightmare for years. I am convinced that gift wrapping ability has to do with gender. I consider myself and reasonably coordinated and observant person… and I have watched many-a-ladies gift wrap over the years… mom, wife, sisters, the girl and Barnes and Noble… but I can’t for the life of me duplicate their works no matter how hard I try.

Two days ago… I watched closely as my wife impatiently showed me the proper techniques of wrapping a simple box… I thought I had it down. Ten minutes later I tried to wrap up a framed lithograph that I got for my son… the results were absolutely disasterous. See picture above. So… this evening, while I have the typical post-Christmas-melancholy… I am at least somewhat releaved that the gift wrapping is over for the time being.