Theory 77… Gasoline Psychology

Don’t know about everyone else… but I love driving by the local Chevron these days. When I pass by a fuel station and see gas prices at $1.55 it’s like the endorphins in my body surge… a get a warm fuzzy feeling… and smile comes over my face. I almost want to stop at every gas station I pass and fill up my tank… even if it’s already full. With gas prices around a buck-fifty I practically want to swim in the stuff.

Filling up at a gas station has been a miserable experience for the last year or two. Just 4 months ago I felt like cursing every time I swiped my card at the fuel pump… and I wasn’t the only one. One frustrated manager that I worked with at the Saturn dealership… boldly predicted to me back in July that gas would never again be less than $4.00 per gallon. I disagreed with him…and speculated that we might some-day see gas in the $2.50 range… emphasis on SOMEDAY. Well… here we are 4 months later with 85 octane fuel selling cheaper than soda pop.

It seems like forever ago that gas was this cheap. But really… forever ago was only 3 years ago. That’s right… gas prices in late 2005 were roughly the same as they are right now… and if you go back 6 ½ years ago… to early spring of 2002 (just a few short months after 9/11)… gas prices nationwide were hovering just over $1.00 per gallon. It sure seems like it was longer ago… doesn’t it?

My theory is gas prices have some sort of massive supersonic effect on our daily psyche. Your life can be going great… secure job… big bonus… sexy wife… kids getting good grades in school…. bank error in your favor… whatever… but if gas is priced at $4.19 per gallon… LIFE SUCKS. On the other hand… your life can be going to hell-in-a-handbasket…no bonus… marriage-on-the-ropes… bill collectors… called to be Scoutmaster…but if gas prices are $1.50 per gallon… LIFE’S GOOD.

Heck… if things stay like this… I might fill up with the PREMIUM stuff… just for kicks!