Theory 75… Facebook Killed the Blogging Star

So this blog is about 15 months old… and I’ve had a good time with it. It’s fun to just sit down and hammer out a blog post every now and then… and pontificate about whatever. But over the months it seems like “every-now-and-then” has become less frequent. Between September 2007 and November 2007 I posted 31 times. This year… over the same period I’ve posted only 9 times… hardly a regular blogger.

So why is my blogging frequency down? It’s certainly not for lack of things to write about… I’ve got a backlist of at least 30 theories/thoughts that I’ve jotted down. Yeah… my daily schedule is a bit different and I might be a bit busier than I was a year ago… but MY THEORY is that FACEBOOK could be the real reason why I’ve become a semi-active blogger. A year ago I had something like 7 friends on Facebook… it was just an afterthought… then sometime around June I got the Facebook bug… it started when a few people added me as friends… so then I added a few more. For a couple of weeks my wife and I had a little contest to see who could get the most friends… and all of the sudden Facebook sort of reached a critical mass… and the whole thing got a bit addicting.

A year ago… on a weekday evening… I would just assume write another blog or blog surf. .. whereas now… it’s just too easy to open up Facebook and check the status updates (which always seem to be good for a quick laugh). Isn’t it easier to find out that your brother-in-laws sister is “home with puking children” rather than read about it in a boring blog post? Plus… stalking old acquaintences on Facebook is fun and easy as well… it takes far less “finger clickin” energy than it does blog surfing.

Truly I think that blogging and Facebook are both rewarding… I really enjoy doing both. Funny thing is… I think the pendulum is starting to swing back towards blogging. I’ve sort of hit the ceiling on Facebook… peaking out around 125 friends. I’m no longer adding friends that I don’t really know… and they don’t seem to be adding me either. So I’ll back off Facebook a little and start to hammer away on those theories. After all… video really never did kill the radio star.