Theory 74… The Bad Movie Theory

So this isn’t really a theory as much as a warning. Don’t waste your time watching the latest Adam Sandler movie called DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN… it’s an absolute waste of film. I don’t exactly know what inspired me to rent this flick… I was standing at the RED BOX at my local Albertson’s and maybe I was just too concerned that the people in line behind me were getting impatient. Still no excuse… I should have known better… Adam Sandler hasn’t exactly had a good string of movies lately.

This particular movie is about an Israeli secret agent who comes to New York City to pursue a career as a hair stylist… Laura and I got 14 minutes into the show before we started to consider turning it off… somehow we suffered through another 23 minutes before pushing the eject button at minute 37.

I don’t know what it is about Saturday Night Live alum’s… but as a general rule… I think you’re safer NOT watching their movies. Yes, there have been some funny ones… Happy Gilmore, Tommy Boy, and The Wedding Singer were all comedy classics…. but you’re much more likely get a flop. Somebody please tell me what good flick has any SNL alum come out with recently? (no Baby Mama doesn’t qualify as a “really” good comedy flick). Personally I think the common talent that all SNL alum’s have is somehow getting the studio to jam all of the funny lines into a 90 second trailer so they can get some revenue at the box office. Perfect example… Night at the Roxbury. Watch the trailer to Night at the Roxbury… funniest show ever…. but if you watch the movie….Will Ferrell and Chris Catan are ridiculously stupid… and everything funny was already in the trailer. Same thing with DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN…. the trailer looked good… but such is not the case! I truly think Adam Sandler is a funny man… but he should go back to singing about the Hanukkah and forget trying to make people laugh by showing off his 42-year-old buttocks. Consider yourself warned.