Theory 60… The Blame It On The Wife Theory

A few weeks back we took the kids camping and to the lake. I was sure I lathered up the kids with plenty of sunscreen, but I missed a little spot on David’s chin and I forgot to lather up Abby’s scalp. They both got a little sunburned and I felt horrible.

The next week at the lake I made sure to lather up the kids… but I obviously didn’t do a good enough job on my own back…. Wait a minute…. isn’t it my wifes responsibility to make sure I get coverage on the central regions of my back? Clearly the evidence shows that I am not capable of reaching certain areas (if you look closely you’ll see my desperate handprint on the right side).

Now don’t get me wrong… I think my wife is pretty close to perfect… but this one is on her! For retribution I’m going to request at least a couple footrubs and a sacrament meeting backscratch.