Theory 59… The Procrastination Theory

So today’s a big day for me. I’M FREE. Yesterday was my last class… and I’m now 100% done with my MBA. It’s been a crazy two years… pretty much without a break. True… I did have 3 weeks off last summer… and about 3 weeks off around Christmas time… but for the last 2 years there’s always been some sort of simulation, spreadsheet, or project hanging over my head. Just 24 hours ago I was rushing to finish off one last paper… but I turned it in… and now I’m done… it’s a bit surreal. All that’s left is for BYU to print off a masters degree… and charge me some exorbitant price for graduation announcements and a cap-n-gown. I walk with the Marriott school graduates in August… and I’ve already got a theory about graduation all lined up! Funny thing is… I’m really going to miss school… sort of a “don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” situation. What am I going to miss? Well it may not make sense to most of you… but here it is in a nutshell…

No more funky brainstorming sessions with Brett and Spencer… no more teasing Mahlon about his G.A. dad… no more late night Dutsonization… no more 4 hour Operations final exams… no more KFC runs during the break with Chris, Mike, and John. No more celebrating birthdays with Reggie… no more smart cracks from Scott Haymore…no more lame Stice Brother jokes… no more killing off William Shatner… no more Dr. Swain analogies about “spreading the peanut butter”… no more LOVE GROUP dinners with the triple-combo of Whitlark, Swenson & Rhoads – the best marketing professors on the planet (even if I did bomb that mousetrap final)… and the list goes on!

Really there’s a lot to miss… I’ve made some great friends and it’s been an unforgettable (and challenging) journey or sorts. Of course… now that I’m finished with school… there’s plenty of work to be done. I’ve been thinking about books to read or projects I can work on now that I have about 10+ additional hours of free time each week (please don’t let my bishop know). Of course there are some pressing needs… this coming week I plan on using my free time to play with my kidsters and rescue the back lawn from the jaws of a scorching summer.

I know what you’re thinking… couldn’t I have been watering my lawn even if I was in school? The answer is YES… I have been watering my lawn… but I haven’t been giving it the TLC it needs… it’s been too easy to use “I have school tonight” as an excuse. It’s not just with the lawn either… there’s probably about a dozen things in my life that I’ve procrastinated… and justified it in my own mind (or to my wife) as not having enough time (or being bad timing) because “I’m in school.”

So here’s my problem (and my theory)… Procrastination turns into dereliction when you run out of excuses… and I just ran out of an awfully big one!