Theory 55… The Kentucky Derby Theory

You’ve got to love the Kentucky Derby… I was flipping channels last Saturday afternoon and discovered the Kentucky Derby on NBC… of course it wasn’t actually the Kentucky Derby… it was the several-hours long fluff and hype preceding the famous horse race. Yet… I found myself fascinated… and I watched the whole thing play out. The race was actually quite dramatic this year. The favorite won… and the second place filly REALLY lost! At the end of the day… it was worth the all of the fluff and hype… in fact… every year I’ve watched the Kentucky Derby I’ve enjoyed it.

Some people might think it’s ridiculous to watch a program for 90 minutes just to catch a two-minute horse race… and they might be right. But I look at it a little differently… My theory is that if there’s a lot of FLUFF and HYPE… or an exceptionally LONG WAIT for something… more often than not… THERE’S A GOOD REASON WHY. The Derby was awesome… even my one-year-old son loved watching it! The Super bowl and American Idol are also marinated in fluff and hype… and they’re both pretty entertaining as well. I made it to a Jazz playoff game last weekend… it was also totally worth the hype! Sometimes I wonder if it’s a chicken-and-egg situation…. Does excessive HYPE and/or a LONG WAIT… actually make something better than it really is? Case-in-point… Café Rio….remember how tasty that pork burrito was after waiting in line for 30 minutes? Now days there’s rarely a long line at Café Rio… and I’m never hungry for the place any more.

Generally speaking the Kentucky Derby Theory is a bit like the old saying “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”… but there are exceptions…. Here are a couple: 1- CRYING KIDS… it doesn’t matter how much fluff, hype, or aggregage coolness an event has… once you add fussy kids into the equation… it’s rarely worth it (example: fireworks on the 4th of July). 2- DISNEY… two hour lines and six dollar hot-dogs never seem to live up to the hype… but then again… I’ve never been there with my own children.