Theory 54… The Princess Theory

Today my daughter Abby turns three years old. It’s amazing how fast the time has gone by since she was born… one thing’s for sure… I absolutely love her and can’t imagine life without her! Abby is a very outgoing little girl and it’s been fun over the last few months to talk with her as she is just starting to understand the world around her. I thought I would share a few Abby anecdotes (and some pictures) on her birthday…

Abby loves all the Disney princesses and everything about them. Each day she puts on one of her princess dresses and pretends to be Cinderella and each night she asks me to tell her the story of the day we went to see the Disney Princesses on Ice. Just yesterday we had an in-depth conversation about whether a princess drinks water or juice. I told her that princesses drink water… Abby told me… “No Daddy… all princesses drink juice!”

This morning after Abby opened her (princess) gifts… I was sitting with and telling her about the significance of her birthday. I showed her a framed picture we have of Abby as a little baby (see below) and explained to her that she was born in Washington DC… she gave me a confused look and then said…. “washing hands or washing feet?”

Abby is going through a “why” phase right now… she’ll ask “why” every time you tell her something new… it would be really annoying if it weren’t so cute. About a week ago I was reading my paper and Abby came over to me and asked to make cookies (Abby loves to help prepare food and cook). I decided I would have a little fun and play a game with Abby…. so I turned it around and started asking her “why” just to see what would happen. Here’s how the conversation went…

ABBY: Daddy… can I make cookies?
ME: Why?
ABBY: Cuz I want to.
ME: Why?
ABBY: Cuz they taste good.
ME: Why?
ABBY: Cuz they go down to my tummy and there yummy.
ME: Why?
ABBY: Cuz they’re good and then my tummy gets big and I have babies.