Theory 41… The Junk Email Theory

Junk email can be very frustrating! NO… I am not talking about SPAM… thankfully SPAM has become less of a problem lately…. most people now days use Gmail or MSN or Yahoo… and those email programs seem to do a pretty good job of filtering out any email with the words “enlargement” or “cheap software” in the subject line. Remember the glory days back in 2002 when you had to sort through about 30 spam emails per day… we’ve sure come a long way since then!

Junk mail… on the other hand… has become a huge problem over the last 2-3 years (particularly since the rise of YouTube). It is very different from spam… because it comes from your own FRIENDS. Usually it originates from the funny guy at the office or the obnoxious in-law who has a job with plenty of down time. In many ways JUNK MAIL is more problematic than SPAM because you might actually be tested on the content. What do you say when your cousin asks you if you read her special spiritual thought? What about that co-worker who wants to know if you enjoyed that awesome email of the drunk guy trying to skateboard off a roof? How do you politely tell your brother, mother, father, boss, in-law, or partner that you don’t have the time (or patience) to read a 7-paragraph-long joke about Hillary Clinton.

For years I have had a longstanding rule: JUNK EMAIL better be AWFULLY FUNNY and VERY SHORT before I will consider forwarding it onto my family, friends, and associates. For this reason, I usually forward less than 5 junk emails per year. I am now morphing my longstanding rule into a new theory…. AVID JUNK EMAIL SENDERS SHOULD START A BLOG… if it’s good enough to pierce the privacy of a persons inbox… you may as well just post it online for everyone to see.

Yesterday I received a junk email that passed the threshold…. So I have decided to post it here on this blog rather than disturb anyone. I found it rather funny. Enjoy…