Theory 42… The Paradise Bakery & Cafe Theory

Have you ever been to Paradise Bakery & Cafe? MY THEORY: they should change the name to ESTROGEN BAKERY & CAFE! What is it about this place that attracts females young and old? Remember Cafe Rio back in it’s hey day (about 5 years ago before all the knockoffs like Costa Vida started to pop up). I used to think Cafe Rio was the official meeting place for all 30-something women… Paradise Cafe is like Cafe Rio on steroids… I am even a little surprised they have a mens room.

I get it with Cafe Rio… they have some amazing salads and some unique tasting Mexican-yuppie-style food that women are naturally attracted too. When I walk into Johnnie Beefs… I see men in line… when I walk into Sweet Tomatoes… mostly women. I just don’t understand the appeal with Paradise Cafe… if baffles me… They serve a few decent sandwiches, some cookies, and a few salads. What’s the deal? Whatever it is… they’re playing it up pretty good. Visit the official company web site… they’ve got some soap-opera-esque music that begins playing on the home page…. I swear it sounds like a modified rendition of the Beverly Hills 90210 theme song!

A couple of weeks ago, while I was waiting in line, I actually started to count people… as I recall the female-to-male ratio was about 8-1… that’s right… 8-1. You don’t even find that kind of ratio at Victoria’s Secret or Ricks College! Every book club, young mom’s club, Jane Austin fan club, and Pam Beesley lookalike was there munching on a turkey panini…. all that was missing were some flat screens monitors playing Anne of Green Gables.

There’s such a myriad of women at Paradise Cafe… I think it might actually be dangerous. Remember that slimy guy in the movie True Lies… the one that attempts to have an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife? With an 8-1 ratio… I can only imagine that guys like him would love to spend a little time in Paradise… Paradise Bakery & Cafe!

All of the sudden a song just popped into my head… “Take me down to the Paradise Bakery where the cookies are great and the girls are pretty…”

UPDATE: For those of you who questioned the validity of THEORY 19… I invite you to visit the blog of my sister-in-law Katie Creer.