Theory 31… The Stayner Family Christmas Card Theory

For everyone there’s always something that subtly kicks off the Christmas season… something that occurs every year and when it happens you know… CHRISTMAS SEASON HAS ARRIVED. For me… I know the season is officially here when I get the STAYNER FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARD in the mail.

The Stayners are my in-laws-in-laws…. that’s right…. my wifes-brothers-wifes-parents (for those of you keeping track). I only see the Stayners about 2.4 times-per-year (usually at baby blessings or baptisms)… but that’s good enough to get me on the Stayner family Christmas list (urban legend has it that the Stayner family list has something like 3,000 people on it). Truth be told… it’s an honor to be on the Stayner family list… Dave and Sue Stayner are some of the best people I know. Dave is a dead ringer for Fred Thompson (the actor and the Presidential candidate) and Sue is about the sweetest lady I’ve ever met… multiplied by 50.

So what’s so great about the Stayner family Christmas card? Well… every year it’s the first and the finest…. the Cadillac of Christmas cards! The Stayner family card is always one of the earliest to arrive… this year it was the first of the bunch… arriving on November 30th. Plus… the card itself is a marvel to behold… it’s what every Christmas card should aspire to be… Think corporate brochure meets family journal. The Stayner card always has the finest graphics… the coolest themes… and the best rhymes… all displayed in full technicolor… on both sides. Heck… the card even smells like a new book straight from Barnes and Noble. This year the Stayner card had a variety of photos featuring the 7 new Stayner grand babies to arrive in 2007…. AWESOME.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year… and one of the reasons it’s so great is because of the little traditions…..whether it’s the an annual party, a unique gift, a special event, or Christmas cards. Each year there are perhaps a dozen things that I absolutely look forward to…. the tasty Wasil, Art & Linda’s organ open house, Laura’s Christmas decorating party, Dad’s famous english toffee (Kristy’s candies), Carmel pretzels and candy apples from the Denzer family, the Smith family progressive shrimp dinner, Mom’s decorated Christmas sheet… and the list goes on-and-on. Certainly the Stayner family card has become one of those annual happenings that make Christmas Christmas…. Dave and Sue… if you’re out there… thanks for the card… and don’t ever take me off the list!