Theory 30… The Pimple Gesture Theory

A couple of weeks ago I came home around 10:00pm after a long day at work followed by a tedious evening at school. While washing up and preparing for bed I noticed an ENORMOUS pimple on my nose… much more than a mediocre zit… I am talking about a 10-On-The-Richter-Scale fully bonified whiteheaded pimple. As I went to bed that night… I couldn’t help but think of all the people who I had been in close proximity to that evening… between co-workers and classmates… surely several people (many of whom I would consider friends) must have seen that nasty shiner on my nose… but due to politeness… or political correctness… or WHATEVER… nobody ever dropped me a hint… and I continued on through the afternoon and evening looking like a walking Clearasil advertisement.

So what’s up that? Are people really that scared of offending a friend by simple notifying him/her of a skin blemish? My theory is that we as a society should have a common gesture… a simple way to inform a friend, family member, peer, and maybe even a stranger that there is some sort of hygentic adnormality. This gesture would essentially say… “I totally respect you… please take no offense… but you have something on your mug that’s not normally there.”

Why not use the famous Dr. Evil hand gesture….palm of hand facing outward, pinky finger used to point to the pimple (See picture above)? Think of all the embarrasement that could be prevented worldwide!