Theory 29… The 100% Home Teaching Theory

If you’re in an Elders Quorum Presidency… How do you motivate everyone to do their home teaching? Seriously… this is what Elders Quorum Presidencies deal with 90% of the time. We don’t have to worry about delivering dinners or finding a centerpiece for the Sunday lesson… our work is considered a success if we can just motivate a majority of the Elders to get out and do their home teaching once a month. Over the years I’ve been in a couple of different Elders Quorum Presidencies and we’ve experimented with a variety of methods and motivating tactics to increase our numbers. Just a couple of weeks ago I was stuck in another Elders Quorum Presidency meeting working with a few others on mixing and matching some companionship’s when I had a brilliant idea come to me…. an idea that is sure to drive home teaching numbers up to 100% throughout the church. I’ll stop short of calling it a revelation… but it certainly qualifies as a good theory… here it is:

Change Sunday School from the second hour to the third hour. Then incentivize the quorum by making Sunday School optional for everyone who completes their home teaching during the month. My guess is that virtually everyone would have their home teaching done by the 2nd week of the month…. Who wouldn’t want to be done with church by 11:00am… can you say NFL Sunday Ticket!!! Of course if you wanted to use the carrot-and-stick approach… you could make choir practice mandatory for anyone who DOESN’T complete their home teaching. Sometimes the solutions are so simple!!!