Theory 28… The Thanksgiving Theory

Well… it’s Thanksgiving day… about 1pm. I am sitting here recovering from the bruises I picked up during this mornings Turkey Bowl while watching the Packers and Lions football game. The hunger pangs are just beginning but they should be in full swing be the time dinner starts up at 3:00. I’ve already read the morning paper… the kids and wife are happy… life couldn’t be any better! My theory is that THANKSGIVING IS THE BEST HOLIDAY… after all… what’s better than a big turkey dinner, some pumpkin pie, and non-stop football? Here are some more reasons I love Thanksgiving:

– It’s a pure holiday… dinner with those you love… no fictional characters or fables to spoil the true meaning of the holiday (i.e. Christmas, Easter)

– No depressing let down (i.e. Christmas afternoon) Thanksgiving is the perfect day to usher in the holiday season.

– You don’t have to worry about shopping for gifts or presents (i.e. Valentines Day, Christmas)

– Thanksgiving is always on Thursday… it starts out a great holiday weekend… which means the kids never school the next day (i.e. Labor day)

– You don’t have to stay up late if you don’t want too (i.e. New Years, Independence Day) and you can always fit it a good nap.

– Nobody ends up with a broken heart (i.e. single people on Valentines)

– A great parade… shouldn’t every good holiday have a parade? (i.e. Pioneer Day, New Years)

– No need to visit a church or a cemetary… (i.e. Easter, Memorial Day)

– No need to dress up or pretend your something that your really not (i.e. Halloween)

– The biggest newspaper of the year (I love the newspaper!)
– Pumpkin pie and the rolls…mmm… gotta love the rolls!

– THE FOOTBALL! Starts out with a Turkey bowl (the best excuse of the year for washed-up-old-guys to put on cleats). After dinner there are always good NFL games… and Thanksgiving weekend is usually a great weekend for college football rivalries.