Theory 2… Cracklin’ Out Bran is too Expensive!

What’s the deal with Cracklin’ Oat Bran? The stuff is just so darn expensive…. and it’s a shame… because it’s pretty good stuff. As a connoisseur of cold cereal I occasionally like to rank the best cereals like the college football top 25. Cracklin’ Out Bran is consistently a top 10 cereal on my list… but at $5.00+ for a ridiculously tiny box, I feel like I am not high enough up on the socio-economic ladder to afford the stuff…. it costs about a buck for every decent size bowl! You’d think those culinary copy cats over at Malt-O-Meal would concoct some sort of mediocre knock-off for the bottom shelf… but nope… nothing.
Interestingly enough, I found a forum where cold cereals are discussed over at Yelp. Here’s the LINK