Theory 1… Nothing’s Better Than a Thoughtful Birthday Gift

I love receiving thoughtful birthday gifts! I say this as a SCUM BAG because I love to receive wonderful and creative birthday gifts… yet I am rarely the one dreaming up and giving away these types of gifts to others for their birthday. My wife Laura is a genius when it comes to birthday presents. She is always upping the ante every year…. last year for my 30th birthday she gave me 30 different gifts. Over this past week she’s been downplaying my birthday… but this morning she delivered again… big time!

I came home from the Gym this morning and Laura had the kids all ready to sing Happy Birthday to me the instant I walked through the door. She then made us all some delicious crepes and gave me my birthday present… a customized digital scrapbook written from the kids point of view with the theme… “Why we love our Daddy” Awesome, Amazing, Thoughtful gift… it not only made my day, it probably made my month! Thanks to Laura and the kids… Love you all.