Theory 19… The Bottomless Purse Theory

A womens purse is a very mysterious thing. Almost every women I have ever known has owned either a purse or hand bag that contains dozens haphazard items. My mothers purse (the picture above was taken a few years ago) was always a treasure trove for chocolate kisses and Pepperidge Farm cookies… until Jenny Craig recently ruined all of that. My wife’s hand bag is more even mysterious (and less tasty) than my Mom’s… lip gloss, diapers, credit cards, a digital camera, car keys, coupons, wet wipes… it’s a totolly random mix.

So it should come as now surprise that when something important is lost… as long as it’s not flushed or thown out in the trash… it may very logically be located at the bottom of a womens purse!

A few weeks ago, just as we were heading home from church I let my wife borrow my favorite pen to sign up for some Halloween arts and crafts homemaking night. The next morning I noticed that my prized silver Faber-Castell was missing… I checked the usual places… the car, the couch, my wifes purse… no luck. I checked the lost-and-found the following week and even talked to a few of the nice ladies who were in charge of the Halloween Arts-and-Crafts deal… but nobody had seen my pen and I finally came to the realization that it was lost for good.

Then today at church the lady in charge of the whole Halloween Arts-and-Crafts night approached me… she pulled out my beautiful silver pen and confessed to me that she found it in the bottom of her purse….. SHOCKER!!! Thankfully it was safe…. like most other things in the bottom of a purse… LOST… but safe.