Theory 20… The Total Cereal Theory

Last week in my Advertising MBA class we were discussing some of the most effective TV campaigns of all time. Specifically we were talking about the TOTAL CEREAL advertising campaign that started back in the 1970’s…. naturally somebody remembered the famous SNL parody starring the late Phil Hartman… we all watched it in class together and had a really good laugh. I could never figure out how Adam Sandler & Phil Hartman could keep a straight face when filming some of their stuff… oh how I miss the glory days of Saturday Night Live in the early nineties… here’s the video if you want a good laugh….

So what’s the Total Cereal Theory? Well the theory isn’t exactly my own… but apparently TOTAL CEREAL is fortified with so many minerals and much IRON that if you grind the stuff up into little crumbs and mix it with some water… the cereal crumbs will actually attach themselves to a magnet! NO WAY! When I first heard this in class last week my internal BULL CRAP siren started flashing like an ambulance… What a lousy urban legend!

Apparently I was wrong… I did a little searching on the Internet and found multiple web sites with instructions on how to do it…. Still don’t believe me…. visit this link.

So maybe the legend is true… but even if those guys over at Mythbusters can confirm it…. I don’t think I’m switching to Total Cereal anytime soon…. that stuff is pretty nasty…. I’ll stick with my Frosted Flakes and not worry about tripping off the metal detector next time I’m at the airport.