Theory 18… The Don’t Play Chicken With Mother Nature Theory

My wife would tell you it’s interesting how I can sleep through the sound of crying kids… but if a sprinkler breaks in the dark of the night… and I am up instantly. That’s exactly what happened the last week of August… a Rainbird in my backyard busted around 2:30am and I jumped out of bed to a sight very similar to what you see pictured above. I immediately shut off the sprinkler system then crawled back into bed… frustrated that I would have to deal with yet another plumbing problem (albeit minor).

The next morning I changed my whole plan… I figured I could keep the sprinklers off until Winter..then fix the problem next Spring. After all… I wasn’t about to fix my sprinkler if I didn’t have too… sure I figured things might get a little iffy by late September… but my grass was green and lush… and certainly there would be a few good rain storms as Fall was about to arrive. Perhaps I could even develop a new theory… the “How to Beat the Sprinkler System Theory” or the “There’s No Global Warming in My Backyard Theory.” THE GAME WAS ON… MOTHER NATURE BE DAMNED!

– By September 5th the grass in my backyard was dead.

– A few days later I fixed the broken sprinkler.
– By September 15th my grass was green and beautiful again.
– Just this week I shut the sprinker system off for the season
– Don’t Play Chicken with Mother Nature!!!