Theory 13… Allergy Science is Harder Than Rocket Science

I don’t understand allergies… not just your typical sneeze when the ugly cat’s in the room allergy… I am talking about the debilitating PEANUT ALLERGIES and ALLERGIES TO BEE STINGS. Seriously… I don’t understand how we can put a man on the moon… yet not cure a simple peanut allergy. I have a niece (Bri Lyn) and nephew (Isaac) who are both severely allergic to peanuts… poor Isaac gets within 10 feet of a NutterButter and he swells up to the size of Augustus Gloop. The kid has probably had more Epipen injections than birthdays in his 5 years… how sad is that!

Then there’s my brother Monty who is violently allergic to bee stings… Monty is now a full grown adult, but my Mom is still adamant that he be within 10 minutes of a bottle of Benedryl… just in case a rogue honeybee penetrates through the hair on his legs. I actually know a guy… who knows a guy…. who died from a bee sting… that’s only 2 degrees if separation (for you Linkedin and Facebook junkies).

So why aren’t the best scientist at work on this…. we can cure Small Pox and Polio but we can’t nix a peanut allergy? You’d think they would at least come up with a pill or immunization or something. We’ve got satellites humming above us at 17,000 mph… we’ve got rovers on mars… but poor Isaac has to go through life never being able to try a box of CrackerJacks… surely Rocket Science is easier than Allergy Science!