Theory 14… Car Problems > Other Problems

Relationship problems, School Problems, Work Problems, Financial Problems, Odor Problems… etc. there are a lot of bad problems a person can have…. but I submit that CAR PROBLEMS are some of the worst. Why?

1- Car problems are like marijuana…. they inevitably lead to worse problems… such as Relationship problems, School problems, Work problems, Financial problems, Odor problems… etc.

2- None of us are immune. Virtually all of us are prone to car problems. Whether you drive a Cadillac or a Kia… a car problem can ruin your day…. any day.

3- There is no cure… no aspirin, no sick day, no paycheck, no baking soda… only a random mechanic who will diagnose your car with something worse than you anticipate.

Within the last 48 hours my car has given me problems. The check engine light is now on, along with another warning light. It looks like I’ll be running around Monday trying to avoid more problems. Expect the worse… hope for the best.