Theory 102… The Retraction Theory

In this era of social media people say things they occasionally regret. It’s so easy these days to spout off…. then just revoke everything by deleting your post, comment, or tweet. Isn’t that just an easy cop-out? Say something inflammatory… ruffle a few feathers… then just delete it like it never happened. Come on!
As for me… I’m a believer in retracting or amending…. rather than revoking or deleting. We all make mistakes… I full-heartedly admit to saying stupid things… and even posting some of them online for the world (i.e. the 7 people reading my blog) to see.
I’d like to confess to a serious mistake I made on this blog just a few posts back… I made a glaring omission back on THEORY #94… THE GOOD VILLAIN THEORY. Somehow I forgot to include BIFF TANNEN on my list of top 10 villains of all time. I have no logical explanation or excuse for how this error possibly occurred… and I would like to publicly admit and correct the record right here, right now… rather than just delete that entire blog post.

Clearly Biff Tannen, of Back to the Future fame was one of the best villains of all time…. and the greatest bully of cinematic history. Biff’s cruelty and recklessness nearly caused the destruction of the McFly family as we know it… after all, he sexually harassed Lorraine, attempted to ram Marty into the back of a manure truck, and nearly broke George McFly’s arm before an uncharacteristic act of courage (in the form of a left hook) caught Biff by surprise and knocked him out cold on the evening of November 12, 1955. In addition, Biff comes from a notorious dysfunctional family with a history of problems, and Biff’s greed and gambling problems could very well have turned entire community of Hill Valley, California into a breeding ground for drugs, crime, and illegal prostitution, had it not been for a twist fate and a flying Delorean.
My apologies to Edward Rooney of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fame… you’re off the list… Biff Tannen easily replaces you as one of the 10 greatest villains of all time.