Theory 101… The Hard Wired Theory

I believer that each of us is HARDWIRED at an early age. No… not with everything single trait… but it’s amazing the tendencies we just naturally have so early on. My oldest daughter Abby asks a million questions… just like I did when I was her age. My son David has an obvious love for music at age four… and my youngest, Benny, has an addiction to Fruit Loops just like his Dad.
As for me… I’ve been HARDWIRED with a love for Pepperidge Farm cookies… a trait I got from my mother. I can not walk down the cookie/cracker aisle in the grocery store without stopping to check the price of Mint Milano’s. Fortunately I have just enough self-control to pass them by most of the time. I should note that I also have difficulties being in Cache valley… and suppressing the urge to drive up to Richmond, Utah to see if I can acquire some brussells for cheap at the factory store.