Theory 100… The Big Mess Up Theory

Remember John Edwards… the aspiring politician with the expensive haircut? All politics aside… I had a theory about him… I never posted it… but lets just call it the SCUMBAG THEORY… It goes something like this…. It’s one thing to cheat on your wife… It’s yet another thing to cheat on your wife and impregnate your mistress. What makes it even worse is when you cheat on your wife, and impregnate your mistress while your wife is struggling with cancer. Then to top it all off… what makes you one of the biggest scumbags ever… is when you do all this while running for President of the United States.

Nowdays John Edwards is old news… but poor Christina Aguilera… she is now the poster girl for a similar (though less grievous) theory…

The BIG MESS UP THEORY… which goes something like this…. It’s one thing to mess up the national anthem. It’s yet another thing to do it when your a grammy award winning artist and generally considered one of the best singers on the planet… and it’s an altogether monumental mess up when when you’re a grammy winning artist, one of the best singers on the planet, and you mess up the national anthem on Superbowl Sunday with over 100 million people watching.

Now the difference of course… is that I actually feel bad for Christina Aguilera. I think she is loaded with talent and I enjoy much of her music. I’m sure she will continue to have a great career… and part of me would like to see her have a second chance… in another Super Bowl. John Edwards on the other hand… well… I’m sure there’s a nice warm front-row seat in hell waiting for him.