Theory 99… If a Tree Falls In The Woods…

There’s an old riddle… “If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is there to hear it… did it make a sound?” If you Google that riddle, you’ll find a variety of different answers and theories. Some people get all technical about physics and sound waves. Others go so far as to suggest that maybe the tree didn’t even fall in the first place.

I have a couple of similar riddles that I’d like to throw out there….

A couple years back I was talking with a guy who told me that he went to see STYX and FOREIGNER in concert together. Back in the early-80’s that would have been a hot ticket! Even nowadays… I figured Styx and Foreigner could still probably fill up a good sized venue (especially if they were playing together) after all, both bands had significant followings and some memorable hits. Come to find out… neither lead singer was performing… and that helped explain why the concert was playing at a casino in Wendover instead of E-Center or Usana Amphitheater. SO I ASK THE QUESTION… If you go to see Styx and Foreigner in concert… but Dennis DeYoung and Lou Gramm aren’t there…. is the sound you just heard really Styx and Foreigner? My theory… NO!

Here’s another riddle for you… Last Saturday I took my kids to the Utah Auto Expo. The kids had been looking forward to attending for a couple of weeks and I always enjoy attending the auto expo myself. So HERE’S MY NEXT QUESTION… If you go to a car show… and there are no Mercedes, BMW’s, or Nissan’s… did you really see much of a car show? My theory… once again…NO!

I must say… I was a little disappointed this year… the crowds were bigger and the cars were fewer… and heaven knows why Mercedes, BMW, and Nissan were no-shows. But I have to admit…. a bad day at the car show with the kids is… still… a pretty darn good day!