Theory 9… The Bellagio has Ruined Old Faithful

Back in August our little family went up to Yellowstone. We enjoyed the scenery and had a fun time swimming in the Firehole River… but I’ve got to admit I was a little disappointed with the Old Faithful Geyser. We waited around for half-hour before it finally went off… by then my two-year-old daughter was totally uninterested… and quite frankly viewing a geyser from 400 feet away wasn’t nearly as cool as I remember as a kid.

A few days later I realized something… Old Faithful Geyser has been totally outdone by the BELLAGIO FOUNTAINS in Las Vegas. How can I be impressed by Old Faithful after experiencing the Bellagio fountains… Consider…

Old Faithful goes off every 60-90 minutes vs.
Bellagio goes off every 15 minutes.

Old Faithful = 1 Geyser that shoots up about 140 feet vs.
Bellagio = Hundreds of fountains that shoot up 250 feet

Old Faithful spews onto a nasty looking mineral mound vs.
Bellagio spews into a beautiful man-made lake with ambient lighting

Watch Old Faithful from hundreds of feet away vs.
Watch the Bellagio Fountains from just a few feet away

Listen to crying kids while watching Old Faithful erupt vs.
Listen to Frank Sinatra while watching the Bellagio fountains

So if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas and Yellowstone in the same year… make sure to build expectations appropriately by visiting Yellowstone first…. and while you’re there… make sure to visit Yellowstone Lower Falls… IMHO it’s a much more impressive site than either Old Faithful or the Bellagio Fountains!