Theory 10… Baby Boomers Hate Spicy Food

Why do Babyboomers hate spicy food? Seriously… if you want to scare a 50-something… show up to the office with a spicy Thai dish… or some Indian, Afgan, or Pakastani food. That’s exactly what I did last week… I picked up some delicious CURRY for lunch, took it back to the office… and you wouldn’t believe the stares I got from the PB&J Babyboomer crowd… you’d think I had just committed some sort of crime.

Us Gen-X’ers… we love our flavorful ethnic dishes…. sushi, curry, general tao’s… bring it on. My theory is the Babyboomer generation lost all of its experimental tendencies in the 60’s and 70’s…. maybe we should just rename them the Meat and Potatoes Generation.

Here are a few of my favorite places to eat here in Salt Lake City… if you go… don’t expect to hear any stories about Woodstock or where you were the day Kennedy died.

New Delhi Palace (no web site)
9414 Union Square (700 East)
Sandy, UT 84070
Phone: 801-572-9742