Theory 57… The Big Brother Theory

When does being a big brother really suck? When you spend too much time watching all your younger syblings! As the oldest of 5 I can tell you there are some big advantages and disadvantages to being the big brother.

Of course the real question might be how is it to be the LITTLE BROTHER. I write you this blog from Beijing, China… where I am very much the little brother right now. The CHINESE GOVERNMENT is seriously limiting my access to the Internet. I have no access to most media web sites… and worst of all…. I can’t read my own blog! I have no trouble posting material… but you will read this online before I will get a chance… very weird!

So what am I doing in China? Laura and I are on a foreign business excursion with a group of 30 students from my BYU Executive MBA program. It’s our last big hurrah before we graduate… and we’ve been looking forward to this big trip for a while. So far we’ve been to Kyoto, Japan, Tokyo, Japan… right now we’re in China (we’ll see the Great Wall tomorrow) then we head down to Hong Kong in a few days and finally we end up in (my favorite) Bangkok, Thailand. If you’d like to check out our adventures… here’s a seperate blog that I’ve set up: