Theory 24… The Toddlerhood Over Babyhood Theory

Today is my son David’s first birthday… and I’ve had a wonderful year with him. I must admit… my relationship with David gets better everyday… the older he gets… the more fun he gets. David has alway been a BIG SMILER but a BAD SLEEPER…. usually sometime between 5:00am and 6:00am he ends up in our bed. Sometimes he wants to snuggle, but most of the times he just wants to play. David loves to wrestle… if you growl at him he’ll automatically growl back and charge you FULL SPEED. David loves electronic buttons… his favorite thing in the house is my vintage 80’s alarm clock… he’ll push the buttons and turn the dials until it blasts out some cosmic static at 140 decibles… then he’ll laugh about it… as my wife and I try to finish off REM cycles at 5:45am.

Now don’t get me wrong… I love little babies… they’re small and sweet… but they’re also fragile and a little boring. So… call it more of an OPINION than a THEORY… but I say TODDLERHOOD beats BABYHOOD hands down! Baby in the bassinette… that’s OK… but I love it even more when my kidsters are old enough to jump in my arms and give me a kiss. Nothing is better than my 2-year-old daughter telling me in her sometimes-hard-to-decipher English that she “loves me” ….and I can’t wait until David is old enough to do me the same. So Happy Birthday David…. WELCOME TO TODDLERHOOD… and remember…. DADDY LOVES YOU “D”!