Theory 96… The Ironic Theory

Yesterday morning Laura and I took the kids down to the Juvenile Diabetes Walkathon at Wheeler farm. We had a good time and it was a lot of fun for the kids. My sister is diabetic and I also have 2 uncles, and 4 cousins who have type 1 diabetes… so it’s a good cause I can get behind.

I must say… I was a bit shocked with all the free goodies and snacks that were readily available and being given out FREE at a Diabetes Walk-a-thon. Growing up with so many diabetics in my extended family… I always associated diabetes with diet soda and sugar free candy. But NOT at yesterdays walk-a-thon! There was a plethora of free candy (Skittles, twizzlers) , snacks, soda, and even Fat Boy Ice Cream sandwiches… I felt like I was about ready to go into a sugar shock by the time we were leaving. Should’ve yelled out to see if anybody had some spare insulin! I found it all just a bit ironic…. I sure hope nobody is passing out free smokes at the lung cancer benifit!