Theory 7… Barry’s Baseball Should Be Banished

If you haven’t heard, a gentlemen by the name of Mark Ecko recently purchased the baseball that Barry Bond’s knocked into the stands to break Hank Aaron’s record. Now Mr. Ecko wants us to help decide the fate of the baseball. Here are the choices…

1- Bestow the ball into the baseball Hall of Fame
2- Brand the ball with an asterisk
3- Banish the ball…. send it on a rocket flight to space

Vote by visiting this web site:

My vote…. BANISH THE BALL. As a kid I loved the sport, but I got turned off to the baseball sometime around the 1994 World Series debacle. I honestly don’t think I’ve watched an entire game in more than a decade… and doubt I could even name 10 active professional baseball players. Alex Rodriguez… Derek Jeter… the tall pitcher with the mullet… the overweight drunk guy who once pitched a perfect game… and that’s about it.

I think it’s ridiculous that there is no salary cap in baseball and only a handful of teams can compete for the championship. I also think it’s a tragedy that Bud whateverhisnameis and the other cronies that run the sport couldn’t put a stop to the steriod use before it tainted virtually every record…. so I say BANISH THE BALL… and let me get back to my college football game!