Theory 37… New Years and the Forbidden Factor Theory

Growing up I always associated NEW YEARS EVE as the one evening it was alright to BREAK THE RULES. The whole evening had sort of a FORBIDDEN FACTOR to it… as a young kid (9 or 10 years old) I remember how cool it was (and how hard it was) to stay up until MIDNIGHT… way past my childhood bedtime of 8:00pm (oh how I wish I still had the luxury of going to bed at 8:00pm!) Even as a teenager… I remember my parents being much more liberal with the rules on New Years Eve…. even my Mom (the curfew Nazi) seemed to slacken up a bit on Dec. 31.

As an adult… the FORBIDDEN FACTOR is long gone… New Years Eve is simply a fun dinner party complete with friends, fondue, sparkling grape juice, and Settlers of Cataan. MY THEORY: Wouldn’t it be great if New Years Eve still had some sort of FORBIDDEN FACTOR for us adults? For just one night…. wouldn’t it be AWESOME if we had a few extra freedoms to take advantage of…. before we all wipe the slate clean and start the new year afresh?

No I’m not talking about anything morally reprehensible… and I’m not suggesting Las Vegas become the official sponsor of New Years Eve (What happens on New Years… stays on New Years). All I’m suggesting is how cool it would be if the powers-that-be cut us some slack… perhaps NO SALES TAX on Dec. 31 or maybe a law that ALLOWS FOR ALL TYPE OF ILLEGAL FIREWORKS… it sure would be fun to still have the FORBIDDEN FACTOR on New Years!